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Hello, I'm Martin and I love comedy movies I have only one dream for this saturday evening, watch this tv series again! The whole cast is excellent and played their roles well. This tv series was so great it drove me to write here review, first time for a long time really. I find this tv series as a tv series with one of the best conversations in movies history. Full of stars, full of great characters who played their roles amazing. I watched this tv series with low expectations and it surprised me. I would like to say one sentence to the director - you're amazing, keep up the wonderful work man! Can you find any better tv series that has better mix of characters and dialogues in itself? Modern Farmer will stay for ever in hearts of many people, including me and you (I hope so).

Episode count: 45

Actors: Michael Beattie

Genre: Cartoon

Country: United States

Views: 2026